Proven tips to live longer

Many times we are dumbfounded by the variety of the products that exist around us. We don’t even research and check out if the product or the food item that we are eating is even good for us or not. Having knowledge of what is good and what is bad for our body is very important as the results can be seen at the later stages, and they necessarily may not be good.

Everyone in this world wants to live more but they forget the basic rule behind it. It orders to live the longer life we need to have some disciplines in our life, Disciplines that will make you live longer and better life. We all used to see our grandparents and wonder how they are still fit and fine but the reason is pretty simple actually they fit due to that time. They were never exposed to pollution, processed food, high level of smoking etc.

So let’s discuss some habits that will make you look fab and will lead you to healthier and longer life.

Use sunscreen

As everyone knows the risk of pollution on our body and how it’s affecting the environment. It’s the only reason that using good sunscreen is absolutely required for every day. There are thousands of cancer cases coming due to pollution in the environment. Protect yourself from that harmful UV radiation and stay healthy

Regular exercising

Exercising is the most important aspect of our healthy life. There is already a boom in the fitness industry just because people are getting to know about the benefits of daily exercise. It doesn’t matter what you prefer you can opt for some games, jogging, gym etc. do whatever you like and stay fit and healthy

Great sex

Sex plays a great role in the health of our heart and mind. It acts as an antidepressant for our daily life and it also improved the blood flow of the body. Sex can be considered as a great cardio exercise that you would love to do often.

Drink Coffee

Studies suggest people who drink coffee have a healthier heart and there are fewer changes for those people to get heart stroke.

Stay happy and Laugh

A study done at the University of Maryland found that people who are laugh daily and stay happy have greater chanced of not getting any heart decease. Good laughter not just cures your depression but it also increased the blood flow of body and will make you fitter.

Switch to healthy diet

Diet plays very important role in being fit and healthy from inside. Try to have food which is rich in protein, good fat, antioxidants and Omega 3 so you will be healthy forever

Stay hydrated

Water is as necessary as breathing. Water improves the metabolism of the body and it also supports the heart in being fit.

Be an Athlete

Being an athlete is one of the best things you could do to yourself. It’s seen that athletes are very less likely to catch any heart decease or cancer. It’s because of the health diet and schedules the follow.


Abs Workout For Men

It is very Important for all to know that abs workout do not solely depend on these crunches.However, to help lower abdomen, upper abdomen and oblique all tones up, it is very essential that you have your crunches game tight on. It is important that you Don’t do your crunches every single day. If you are planning to perform ab workout on regular basis then you should definitely do this under surveillance of fitness expert, he will let you know the correct way to do that.





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